Hans W. Gruenig, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy /
Asian Studies Program
Tulane University


Ph.D. in Philosophy
Tulane University

Ph.D. Granted By: Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Dissertation Fellowship: Murphy Institute's Center for Ethics and Public Affairs
Research Fellowship: Freie Universität Berlin
Graduate Fellowship: Tulane University's Department of Philosophy
Mortar Board: Award for Outstanding Teaching
Omicron Delta Kappa: Award for Leadership
Dissertation Topic: Heidegger and Personal Transformation
GPA: 4.0

M.A. in Philosophy
Tulane University

M.A. Granted By: Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Hurricane Katrina
Fall 2005 Semester
Visiting Graduate Student at the
University of California at Berkeley
(with Hubert Dreyfus & Hans Sluga)

M.A. in Philosophy & Religion
California Institute of Integral Studies

M.A. Granted By: California Institute of Integral Studies,
San Francisco, CA
Additional Coursework: University of California at Berkeley
(with Hubert Dreyfus & Hans Sluga)

B.A. in Philosophy and German
University of Vermont

B.A. Granted By: University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
Additional Coursework: Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, Germany
Scholarship: Ayling-Travelli Tuition Scholarship (4 yrs)
Honors: Phi Beta Kappa / Dean's List / Cum Laude

Areas of Specialization

Asian Philosophy (Buddhism)
Continental Philosophy (Heidegger)
Happiness & Human Flourishing
Metaphysics / Philosophies of the Self
Comparative Philosophy

Areas of Interest & Competence

Environmental Ethics
Ancient Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion

Teaching Appointments

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Tulane University
Extraordinary Faculty
Loyola University
New Orleans
Visiting Faculty
Doshisha University
Visiting Assistant Professor
Tulane University
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Tulane University

Service Activities

* Pioneered Service Learning Courses for Tulane's Philosophy Department;
* Pioneered Student Flourishing Initiatives resulting in new courses;
* Volunteer work with Tibetan Refugees in Dharmsala, India, participating in what has become Tulane's popular Compassion in Action program;
* Invited Designated Speaker helping to prepare New Orleans for the Dalai Lama's visit;
* Invited Panelist at President Clinton's Focus The Nation Conference at Tulane;
* Invited Professor for the Tulane Intellectual Connector program, which is designed to connect "top students with top faculty".

Courses Taught

TIDE 1003
Happiness & Human Flourishing (TIDES) *
PHIL 1010 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1020 Philosophies of the Self
SOWK 2130 Happiness & Human Flourishing
PHIL 3500
Buddhism *
PHIL 3500H Honors Buddhism
ASTA 3810 Intro to Asian Philosophy
PHIL 3895 Service Learning
PHIL 3931 Developments in Buddhism *
PHIL 4990 Honors Thesis Advising
PHIL 6920
Buddhist Philosophy
Graduate Level Independent Study
MLAR 7193 Happiness & Human Flourishing Seminar
Graduate Level Course
MLAR 7215 Asian Philosophy
Graduate Level Course

* Service Learning Courses developed for these courses
in conjunction with Tulane's Center for Public Service


"Gebser and Buddhism: Nonduality and Aperspectivity in Theory and Practice," Keynote Presentation at the 48th Annual Conference of the International Jean Gebser Society, Naropa University, Boulder (2018).

"Reclaiming Sensual Pleasure and Conditional Happiness in Theravada Buddhism," Conference Paper for the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy Panel, American Philosophical Association Central Meeting, New Orleans (2013).

"Heidegger, Ambiguity, and Context," Conference Paper for the 21st Century Heidegger International Conference, Dublin, Ireland (2010).

"Buddhist Emptiness and Physical Realism: Nagel, Putnam, and Madhyamaka," Invited Talk for the Western Emptiness Seminar, Nalandabodhi Center, New York City (2008).

"Buddhism and Environmental Ethics," Religion and Environment Panel at Bill Clinton's Focus the Nation Conference, New Orleans (2008).

"Buddhist Ethics and Just War Theory: On whether war can be justified from within Buddhist ethical systems,” Conference Paper for the Annual Conference of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Asilomar (2004).

"Mental Synthesis in Hume, Kant, and Theravada Buddhism: On whether the theory of mind moments found in Theravadan sources such as the Abhidhammatha-Sangaha is susceptible to the same critique of mental synthesis that Kant applied to Hume," Conference Paper for the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy Panel, American Academy of Religion Meeting, Denver (2001).

"Jhanasis: Meditation and Creation. Momentary noetic cosmogenesis, Genesis 1-4, and the Aggañña Sutta in light of the phenomenology of meditation as it is detailed in the Pali Canon," Conference Paper for the 4th International Research Conference of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy, University of Missouri-Columbia (2000).

"Postmodernism and Environmental Ethics: Deconstruction is a Double-Edged Sword," (with Michael Zimmerman) at Tulane's Interdisciplinary Scholars Network lecture series "The Local and the Global" (1999).

"On The Locus of Meaning: Disembodied Phenomenology, Embodied Phenomenology, and Existential Neurobiology," at the CIIS Philosophy and Religion Round Table (1998).

Invited Lectures

"Zen and the West," Invited Talk at the Center for Global Education at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan (2019).

"Buddhism in Dialogue" -- Presentation to The Atlas Foundation as a Designated Speaker for the Dalai Lama's visit to New Orleans (2013).

"Mindful Medicine: Meditation, Neuroscience, and Evidence Based Wellness Practices" -- Presentation to Doctors and Medical Students at the Tulane School of Medicine " as a Designated Speaker for the Dalai Lama's visit to New Orleans (2013).

Languages Studied

English (Native)

German (Advanced), Pali (Advanced), French (Advanced)

Greek & Latin Etymology

Fellowships and Awards

Tulane University

Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Award
Murphy Institute Dissertation Fellowship
Freie Universität Berlin Research Fellowship
Mortar Board Award for Outstanding Teaching
Graduate Tuition and Stipend Fellowship

University of Vermont

Phi Beta Kappa
Ayling-Travelli Tuition Scholarship

Related Stations and Activities

Memberships in Professional Organizations

American Philosophical Association
Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy
International Jean Gebser Society

Professional Trainings: Teaching

What Do the Best University Professors Do?
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL
Bootcamp for Professors
University of Colorado
Denver, CO

Professional Activities: Buddhism & Mindfulness

Advanced Pali Language Study
Translating Buddhist Texts
Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, Oxford, UK
Meditation Facilitator Training
Kanzeon Zen Center
Salt Lake City, Utah
Meditation Teacher Training
Bhavana Society Monastery
High View, WV
Pali Language Study
Translating Buddhist Texts
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Founder & Instructor
Tulane Meditation Club
Buddhist Studies and Volunteer Work
Louisiana Himalaya Association
Dharmsala, India